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June 10-12

Kidz camp is an event we plan every year to spread the gospel in our community! It is free for any kids who want to attend and there are TONS of fun things they will get to do! A couple of the main reasons of why we put this on are... EVANGELISM – The messages of this camp will be evangelistic in nature.  The Gospel will be clearly communicated through small group “tribe” time and throughout the Chapel services each day. This will lay a foundation for which discipleship can occur. EXPERIENCE – We want this camp to be an experience that our children remember.  Something they can look back to as a time when they had fun, built relationships, and formed their relationship with Jesus. 

kidz camp 1_edited.jpg


During Kidz Camp, we are able to cultivate a love for Worship in a fun and exciting environment that stays high energy and interactive for all ages!

kidz camp 4_edited.jpg


Every year we get to take a trip to Big Air, it is a time for the kids to form relationships and for the leaders to help the kids have the best time possible.


We also break into small groups based on ages to help kids dive deeper into a knowledge of God with others of the same age and in ways that help them understand God more.

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The waterpark is also a field trip we are able to take to continue to foster relationship in an exciting environment. 

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